Protecting Ireland For Future Generations

Preserving the land is the foundation for saving Ireland's way of life and future

Protecting Irish farmers who are struggling

Many Irish farmers combat and struggle with many difficulties including, but not limited to farm costs, disease, regulations and weather.  We provide farmers lease-back opportunities  for agriculture to ensure their land will never be developed, only cultivated.

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Ireland has become a highly desirable immigration country in the last decade and is currently at risk of over-development.

Ireland Size: 32,595 sq. miles

Population: Over 5 Million

Increase in Immigration: 41% since 2012

Protecting Irish families from losing their property

Irish seniors who are unable to maintain their home can apply for a life estate gift. This would allow them to stay in their home to live out their twilight years in peace and prosperity.

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Protecting the Environment, Wildlife, and Ireland's Way Of Life

Putting land into trusts protects against over-development, the environment, Irish heritage, local wildlife, historic structures, and Irish culture.

Protecting the Environment

Protecting Irish Heritage

Protecting Wildlife

Protecting Historical Sites

Protecting Irish Culture

We must act now to save the land before it's gone.

Your tax-deductible donations enable us to purchase and preserve land and properties in Ireland.

Future generations of Irish are depending on you!

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Donations of any size help keep Ireland beautiful and pristine to ensure that it is protected for future generations.

Become a Guardian

Donors who give $17 per month or more become Guardian of Ireland Angels and are integral to Ireland's future.

Tribute Giving

Give in honor, memory or celebration today. Donations $250+ will receive a personalized Tribute Tree.

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