Become a Guardian Angel

Help Protect Ireland for $17 Per Month

For just $17 per month, you will become a Guardian Angel and contributing greatly to protecting the land, waterways, and wildlife or Ireland for future generations to come. 

There are many benefits in becoming a Guardian Angel.

Honor Tree Planting

As a monthly partner, you get the opportunity to plant more trees in Ireland. At your one year Guardian Angel anniversary, you will be gifted a tree to be planted to honor or celebrate a loved one as appreciation for your generosity.

Envision your tree as part of the pastures and woods of the breathtaking landscape of Ireland, surrounded by wildflowers, by pathways and rivers, near the sanctuaries of foxes, birds and fish.


Become a Landowner in Ireland

At your two year Guardian Angel anniversary, you or a family member will receive a small plot of land, one square foot in size, in the timeless Irish countryside. This fun token of appreciation is sure to bring a smile and includes:

  • Personalized Certificate of Ownership
  • Personalized Deed of Assurance
  • Photographs Of Your Small Plot
  • Directions On How To See Your Plot
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Become a Guardian Angel Today

Your donation will help protect Irish land and includes all the benefits listed above.