Our Story

The Journey

Your Irish ancestors departed Ireland to the four corners of the Earth facing unknown challenges ahead of them while leaving behind their beloved home and family. 

We honor and pay tribute to our Irish ancestors who made their passage not only to America, but around the world.

Our intention is to keep their memories alive and protect their beloved homeland so that future generations never forget their sacrifice and in return protect Ireland's land and way of life to honor them. 

Double rainbow landscape in Dingle Peninsula scenery., taken on sunny and rainy day.
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Our Parent's Journey

We honor our mother and father - Bridget Murphy (Waterford Co.) and Patrick Conway (Tipperary Co.). Brave Irish farming immigrants who left their home with two children, and not much else. They set out in April 1960 from the port town of Cobh (formerly Queenstown) Co. Cork on the Trans-Atlantic liner "The S.S. America."

The desire for a better life inspired their journey, seeking adventure, along with social and economic opportunities, education for their children and to live the American dream. 

On May 5th, 1960, as the S.S. America was passing the Statue of Liberty in the New York City harbor, after experiencing Atlantic storms and uncertainty - a realization of gratefulness to God for a safe arrival overtook them. As they held their children, with tears of joy, they knew that their new life was about to begin.

They were filled with promise in this new land as many of the millions of Irish felt who arrived before them.

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Through the memory of our parents, Bridget and Patrick, as well as our brother, James and sister, Mary, we honor all of Ireland. We pay homage to the land, people, culture and traditions as well as those who sacrificed their lives through death, blood, sweat, and tears for the betterment of humanity.

We thank you the sacrifices your made!
We love you.

We also honor all of our extended family past and present as well as the generations of Irish worldwide who contributed to the Irish cause. Also special thanks to the Garda Siocha'na (The Guardian of Peace) and O'glaigh na hEireann (Defense Forces Ireland).

God Bless Everyone!

"We are of Irish blood - we are all but one family"