Castles & Estates Society

The Castles & Estate Society

The Guardians of Ireland provides a unique opportunity for our exceptional philanthropists to generously help fund or contribute exclusive property donations.

Those with a strong desire and sense of social responsibility may join together to acquire, maintain and preserve Ireland's master craftmanship, architecture, exquisite lands and gardens of these very special living historical properties.

With your support, we are extending the life cycle of these spectacular castles and estates, preserving the Irish culture and history for generations to come. Together we will breathe a new existence into the former extravagant domains of royalty, where frequent regal engagements were hosted.

Majestic estates surrounded by meadows, forests, waterways and wildlife exhibit fine architecture of Gothic, Palladian, Georgian, Neoclassical, Victorian or Baroque styles.  Available properties may include churches, or have features such as stone towers, torrents and wells. These magnificent residences inspire the mind and spirit with their grandeur and timeless presence.

As a member of the Castles and Estates Society you will gain distinctive privileges and unique opportunities shared together with like-minded philanthropists. The benefits of donating real estate to a charity are significant, and include simplifying your estate plan and reduction of tax liability.  We suggest consulting with a financial advisor who can show you how easy donating to Guardians Of Ireland Land Trust can be.

Contact us to become a part of this special endeavor.