Legacy Giving

Protect Ireland's Land Through Planned Giving

Secure Ireland's future and leave a legacy for all to remember. Here are some of the ways to include The Guardian's Of Ireland Land Trust as part of your estate.

BEQUESTS : Making a Bequest has no out of pocket cost. The value of the Bequest can reduce your taxable estate. In your will you may donate a parcel of land, a specific sum or percentage of your estate.
Sample Bequest Language: "I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to the Guardians of Ireland Land Trust Inc., a non- profit corporation in America, for its general purposes_______ Dollars / Euros or percentage of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate. Please review with your attorney 
REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST: Like a will, a living trust is created with your legal council. Unlike a will, the living trust is not probated which protects the privacy of your last wishes.
CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST: By making an Irrevocable gift, you can receive income for your lifetime. The remainder reverts to the Guardians of Ireland Land Trust after your lifetime or a fixed period of time.
■ LIFE INSURANCE AND RETIREMENT PLANS: Naming The Guardians of Ireland Land Trust as a beneficiary of an existing or new policy, does make a generous Bequest at a minimal cost. By making the Guardians of Ireland Land Trust as the owner of the policy, you receive an immediate charitable deduction and the premium payments are deductible.
IRA : You can name the Guardians of Ireland Land Trust as a beneficiary of your IRA through a cash Bequest or a charitable remainder Trust. To make a gift through an Insurance policy or retirement plan, complete the beneficiary form provided by your administrator or Insurance carrier.
ENDOWMENTS: The Guardians of Ireland Land Trust has Endowments which greatly benefit the work we do. There is an opportunity to grow one of our existing endowments or simply create your own.
The Guardians of Ireland Land Trust Inc. is not funded by any tax dollars, euros or any other currency. We currently do not receive support from any country, Provence, state, or government agencies. We sold rely on the generous support of the individual people, foundations, businesses and other entities.
Contact us to help through Legacy Giving.