What We Do

Our Mission is to protect the land in Ireland for future generations.

The Guardians of Ireland Land Trust is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of land and historical sites; protecting Ireland's natural resources and wildlife through real estate acquisitions and land donations.

mother and son at Glendalough Upper Lake

Land Trust Goals


Protect Natural Ecosystems

Conserve biodiversity with emphasis on protecting habitats and wildlife which provide clean water & ample food sources.

Irish People

Develop Partnerships

Collaborative efforts lead to more efficient use of resources resulting in additional conservation and protection.

Irish Landscape

Raise Awareness Worldwide

Generate global awareness to create an "Irish Movement" to bring attention to the current issues facing Ireland today.


Protect Agriculture

Without farmland, we cannot win the fight against climate change. Our food, water, environment & survival depends on it.

Irish Dance

Save Irish Cultural Traditions

Irish culture is rich, diverse, and a joy to discover. It includes myths, literature, music, dance, art, cuisine, and language.

Historic Structure

Preserving Historial Sites

The preservation of historical sites protects and enhances the nation’s heritage & empowers local communities.

Smiling pretty red haired Irish girl with tweed hat, wrapped in the Irish flag and shamrocks painted on her face, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland.

Your Support Is Needed

Honor your Irish ancestors through your generous donations for the protection of Ireland.  Conservation and protection of not only the land, but Ireland's forests, wetlands, farms, churches, historical properties, wildlife, scenic views, natural habits, cultural landmarks, parks, tree planting, language, culture, traditions and customs!

Help Protect Ireland's Beauty Before It's Too Late